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Make Moving Fun: How to Involve Your Kids in the Relocation

Happy Father’s Day!!

Changing schools, leaving friends, and abandoning a beloved childhood bedroom have the potential to make the process of moving with kids difficult — if not downright traumatic. They don’t yet have the experience and maturity to deal with a change that’s big enough to upset even adults. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Moving to a new home can be an exciting adventure for the whole family, and involving your kids in the process can make it even more enjoyable. Now that kids are out of school, this is a great time to explore creative ways to make moving fun for your kids and ensure they are part of the process and decisions for their new home:

  1. Be Transparent: Our first tip begins with honesty. You can help them feel more comfortable and confident about the move when you communicate with an appropriate language answering all their questions. They may need a minute to process the news, so give them that, too. Share the news in a positive and enthusiastic way, emphasizing the new opportunities, friends, and experiences that await them in their new home. Encourage them to embrace the journey and see it as an exciting chapter in their lives. Let the adventure begin!
  2.  Involve your kids in the move: Let them be part of each process. Starting by choosing which things they want to keep and which they can donate.Transform the often tedious task of packing into a fun and engaging activity. Provide them with colorful markers, stickers, and labels to decorate their boxes and make it a creative experience. Another way is giving your children a vote as you look for a home in your new town. Look at photos online together as you narrow down your search and explore the neighborhood together. Take walks or bike rides around the area, visit local parks, playgrounds, or nearby attractions to help them meet more kids in the area.
  3. Embrace New Experiences: Get  involved in a social or civic club that interests your kids and you in the new community. Help your kids explore after-school options, it could be joining a sports team, art classes, or any other hobby they are interested in. Engaging in new experiences will help them make friends and quickly adapt to their new environment.
  4. Connect with other parents: Tap into your social networks for connections. Find local parents’ groups close to your area. These will help create more connections for you and your kids in the community. They can advise you which are the best schools, playgrounds, sport centers, restaurants, libraries, etc.
  5. Plan for a visit to the old house to see old friends: Organize a special gathering to say goodbye to friends, neighbors, and the old house. This will allow your children to express their emotions, reminisce about the memories they made, and provide closure to that chapter of their lives. Encourage your kids to stay in touch via email or even old-fashioned letters.
  6. Learn as much as you can about how to make your move as smooth as possible: Remember that these moving challenges can also represent opportunities for you and your family to grow and learn about each one for future experiences.

Every age has its own distinctive challenges when it comes to moving away from the only home they’ve ever known. You know your children better than anyone, so pay attention to their moods and behaviors. By involving them in the relocation process and making it fun and engaging, you can help them embrace the change with excitement and create positive memories.

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